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SPLIT & BUNDLED firewood

Govoni Forestry Products specializes in delivering high quality and seasoned forest fresh, kiln dried and split northern and local hardwoods including oak, maple, birch and ash from our firewood processing facility directly to you! 

Our firewood is available with bark or no bark.  Our firewood has been split by a hydraulic splitter so that you are guaranteed a consistent, manageable product. The wood is also screened in our firewood tumbler in order to provide the cleanest firewood available on Cape Cod.  The standard length of the wood is 16″and we also offer custom cut lengths on request for an additional charge.

Bulk firewood prices are available in 15 cord amounts upon request. Our loggers are environmentally conscious professionals that provide our Mashpee, Cape Cod facility with cord wood that is free from dirt, making it easier and cleaner for you to handle and use.

Call today for Firewood Delivery! 508-420-0859!

We tumble firewood prior to delivery to offer the cleanest delivery possible.  A big trommel spins to eliminate bark pieces, dirt, and other debris.

buy fresh cut firewood with bark and stack to season it yourself

Forest Fresh - With Bark

1/3 cord - $180
1/2 cord- $225
1 cord- $385
2 cord - $750
3 cord - $1100

fresh barkless firewood

Forest Fresh - barkless

1/3 cord - $200
1/2 cord- $255
1 cord- $445
2 cord - $890
3 cord - $1,275

Seasoned - with bark

1/3 cord - $200
1/2 cord- $265
1 cord- $445
2 cord - $875
3 cord - $1,250


1/3 cord - $230
1/2 cord- $305
1 cord- $495
2 cord - $990
3 cord - $1,425

kiln dried firewood


1/3 cord - $300
1/2 cord- $415
1 cord- $690



$10 bundle or 5 bundles for $45

Special Cut – (shorter or longer lengths) is available for an additional cost of $25 per cord on forest fresh barked firewood only.

Firewood delivery Pricing

Govoni Forestry Products promptly delivers firewood to the following Cape Cod towns: Sandwich, Mashpee, Falmouth, Barnstable, Hyannis, Centerville, Osterville, Plymouth, Bourne, Brewster, Harwich, Chatham, Eastham, Wellfleet, Truro, Provincetown.

Your prompt delivery will consist of wood measured by the “cord”. A cord consists of 128 cubic feet of wood (for example a stack 4 feet high by 4 feet wide and 8 feet long). We offer our customers the choice of either seasoned ready-to-burn firewood or green freshly cut firewood that you can dry. (It typically takes 4-6 months of drying for green wood to be ready to burn). Also we are now offering kiln dried firewood.

TownsMinimum CordDelivery Price
Sandwich & Mashpee1/3 cord minimum$60
Barnstable & Falmouth1/3 cord minimum$65
Plymouth & Bourne1 cord minimum$70
Yarmouth & Wareham1 cord minimum$75
Dennis2 cord minimum$85
Brewster & Harwich2 cord minimum$95
Chatham & Orleans3 cord minimum$100
Eastham3 cord minimum$105
Wellfleet3 cord minimum$115
Truro3 cord minimum$125
Provincetown3 cord minimum$160

firewood FAQs

What is a cord of firewood?
A “cord” of wood is a measure of volume that is equal to 128 cubic feet. Utilizing the typical 16″ long firewood pieces, the wood, in stacked form, will measure 4 feet tall by 8 feet long (across) by 4 feet deep.

How should I store my firewood?
We recommend stacking the wood as soon as you can. Stacking the wood helps further the drying process and reduces the pile moisture. Seasoned firewood should be stored off the ground and away from walls of a building to allow air to flow around the wood. The top of the stack should be loosely covered to prevent it from getting soaking wet or icing over. Covering firewood with a tarp or stacking it under a lean-to should be sufficient.

Do I have to be home to accept delivery?
No, you can mark where you want us to dump the wood and leave a check or pay with a credit card over the phone the day prior to delivery.”
Do you sell green wood?
Yes. We call it Forest Fresh.
Can kiln-dried firewood be stored inside my home?
Yes, if you purchase kiln-dried firewood, you can store it inside your home; many homeowners stack kiln-dried firewood in the basement.